Flapz is Latin America’s fastest-growing private aviation marketplace connecting passengers with dozens of regional certified operators.
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Creators: Ionatan Galeano

Added by: Ionatan Galeano

Available in:
Colombia, Chile, Mexico
Flapz is revolutionizing the access and digital transformation of Latin America's private aviation ecosystem, with the ultimate goal to digitalize the market and help customers and partners reduce costs, save time, and commercialize their assets efficiently and flexibly. With a disruptive technology-led business model, its Marketplace connects, in almost real-time, passengers with dozens of certified regional operators for a safe and seamless booking & flying experience. With more than 250 certified aircraft available on its Marketplace across LATAM, the fast-growing startup with offices in Colombia, Chile, and Israel, has the commitment to improving access and the overall end-to-end experience of the private air industry in the continent, while actively setting best practices alongside authority, operators, and passengers.
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