Pide Directo
Enabling brands in LatAm to sell direct and deliver in under 30min.
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Creators: Hussein Fawzi, Antonio Nacoud, Ronni Samir Sulaka, Anders Steiner

Added by: Jeff Orr

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PideDirecto is a branded digital ordering and delivery solution for local buisness in Latam. They build out their direct-to-consumer sales channels and enable them to deliver their products in under 30 minutes. They empower local businesses such as restaurants, pharmacies, local grocery stores, flower shops, clothing stores, cake shops and many more by building out their own branded website, integrating phone and social media orders and helping them deliver their products in less than 30 minutes. While also providing our partners key customer insights and marketing support. All for a reasonable fixed monthly fee, without eating up margins with hefty commissions and service charges.
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